2019 Australian Athletics Championships TAS Entries
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For the 2018-19 season this entry portal is the only way by which athletes can enter the Australian Athletics Championships in ANY age group - under age and/or open. Details of how the 2018-19 Nationals will work and the various means by which an athlete is eligible to enter can be found here: http://athletics.com.au/Compete/Events/ArtMID/7307/ArticleID/2059336/2019-Australian-Athletics-Championships

The current AA system requires athletes to enter through the Member Association (ie Athletics Tasmania) of which they are a first claim member, ie the state or territory they represent in national competitions. Accordingly:

​1. Athletes should enter the portal by the entry point which relates to them as follows:

​(a) for those entering ONLY an open [including under 23 eligibility) championship, you must enter through the OPEN EVENTS only entry point;

​(b) for those entering ONLY an under age event (OR both an under age and an open event), you must enter through the UNDER AGE EVENTS entry point.

Under NO circumstances should an athlete enter events through both portals.

2. Athletes should NOT submit their entries until they are certain of all events they wish to enter. Feel free to begin work on the entries but do not submit until you are sure. The reason for this is that the initial entry point covers the Athletics Tasmania team levy component ($135 for under age athletes and $0 for open athletes). This portal does not collect the $20 levy for open only athletes - this should be paid via the alternate portal on the AT website). Please refer any enquiries on this to enquirystateteam@tasathletics.org.au

Tasmanian entries will close at 10.00pm on Monday, 18 March 2019.

Once you have submitted and paid for your entries, if you have discovered you have made an error or there are exceptional circumstances whereby you need to delete, change or add an event, you will need to contact the AT office to request the changes be made manually. Because this may involve the complication payment of additional monies by EFT we wish to avoid this if at possible.

Unless there is a clear case of duplication no monies can or will be refunded once paid. In cases of duplication, request for the reversal of the payment must be made to the AT office within 24 hours before the payments system deducts fees etc.

Regardless no changes can be made or additional events entered after the cut-off date set by Athletics Australia which is 20 March 2019 at 12noon..

Athletes require a medical certificate if they withdraw after the levy and entry fee is paid. The entry fee will be refunded if the athlete withdraws before the cut-off date of 20 March. After this date, there will be no refunds paid if athletes withdraw for some reason.

3. The entry fee for each Individual and combined event is $30. These fees together with the AT team levy are paid by you through your credit card when you hit the submit button and forward your entries.

4. RELAYS - please note that this entry portal should not be used for relay events or as an expression of interest for selection in the Tasmanian teams for the various relay events that will be conducted at the Nationals. Please refer to the relevant Athletics Tasmania relay nomination and selection policy for precise detail. In summary:

(a) Under Age relay teams will be selected after the Tasmanian U18 Championships and will be managed by the AT Relay Manager. It is compulsory for all sprinters entering the Nationals to make themselves available for the relay events and to book their flights accordingly.

(b) Open relay teams will be managed and in due course confirmed by the AT Relay Manager. Athletes wishing to be considered for an open relay for the Nationals should contact the AT Relay Manager, Mike Gunson at mikegunson1@bigpond.com. Note that all open relay members must wear the Tasmanian Team competition uniform which will be provided by AT as stated in the AT selection criteria memo.

(c) Other than in very exceptional circumstances, athletes will only be included in under age relay teams if they are participating in the Nationals in an individual event. However any athlete registered first claim with AT may express an interest to the AT Relay Manager for inclusion in an open relay team.

6. Age Groups in 2019 - subject always to the relevant Athletics Australia Regulations limiting the entries in various age groups, the followong basic age group definitions apply for the 2018-19 Nationals:
Under 14  - born in 2006 or 2007
Under 15 - born in 2005 or later
Under 16 - born in 2004 or later
Under 17 - born in 2003 or later
Under 18 - born in 2002 or later
Under 20 - born in 2000 or 2001 or later
Under 23 - for those seeking to enter using the under 23 standards must be born in 1997, 1998 or 1999

7. For those seeking to enter the Nationals by achieving the relevant event entry standard, the list of standards and the applicable qualifying periods can be found here: http://athletics.com.au/Compete/Rules-Technical-Information/Entry-Standards

8. The timetable for the 2019 Nationals is significantly different to last year as once again all age group and open championships are being held togther in a single week. Please carefully check the timetable here:



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Sydney Olympic Park, NSW

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Monday 1 April 2019 to Sunday 7 April 2019
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